Are Freestanding Bathtubs Safe For Kids?

Last Updated on November 29, 2019 by Terry Ohara

Considering a freestanding bathtub for your house is a great decision since they are statement items that will elevate the aesthetics of your bathroom significantly. However, there are still some lingering questions when it comes to whether or not they will be optimal in a family setting. There is no doubt that they will be great for adults, but are they safe enough for kids or in a family setting, and for those that have only one bathroom, they have to adequately optimize everything for each family member, so no one is left behind.

Before deciding on a freestanding bathtub you should consider the age of your children and decide then. For young children that can’t bathe themselves you probably bathe them while seated on the floor, so you need to check out the height of your freestanding bath before you choose a bathtub since they do not come in a standard size and there are different variations of them, in various shapes and sizes. You should ideally measure and determine an optimal height that you can comfortably reach and over to the other side of the bath without any straining, however, this will also depend on your height and arm length. I would recommend you try to reach the other side of the bathtub while sat, and see if it is right for you, but this might not be the case if you order from the internet, so it is better to take measurements and act accordingly.

The best freestanding bathtubs, have a double-ended design, which is perfect for houses that have more than one child, since these bathtubs have centrally located taps, meaning that you can bathe both of your children simultaneously which will save time and water at the same time, and since the tap is out of the way children can have their bath time fun and make it an enjoyable experience. Parents know what I am talking about here, and how hard it is to bathe children.

However, when it comes to safety, don’t think that freestanding bathtubs are the most fail-safe choice for families with children. Since most of these bathtubs are installed in the middle of the bathroom, meaning that there are no walls to hold on to in case of a slip, so I wouldn’t recommend leaving small children unattended with a freestanding bathtub. That being said, I would also recommend you to place some non-slip bath mats that you and your family can comfortably step down to from the bath without the risk of slipping and injury.

Whichever the case, accidents may happen in the bathroom, and freestanding bathtubs aren’t necessarily riskier than other types of bathtubs, so you need to always take precautions to prevent accidents, and if you have taken some good measurements a freestanding bathtub is a great choice.

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