Are Portable Water Filters Safe?

Last Updated on November 29, 2019 by Terry Ohara

One of the most asked questions regarding portable water filters is this – Are they safe? Honestly, this shouldn’t surprise anyone, because most of the products available on the market are always advertised as “100% effective”, while in practice, this does not happen at all!

Although the answer regarding this topic is relatively easy, nobody would like to read an article with yes/no answer if arguments aren’t brought for the reader, right?

That’s why I would prioritize going step by step so that you can learn aside from getting the answer.

To begin with, how water filters work in practice?

Well, they are focused on preventing microorganisms that live in your tap water from entering your body on one side, while on the other, sediments such as rust and sand will also be affected, so that your general health would remain good.

Most of the times people use water filters and water purifies in conjunction, and this is wrong. There’s a difference which is easy to spot as well. Water filters capture microorganisms, whereas, water purifies also remove viruses, and hence, cost way more than water filters.

Moreover, portable water filters do perform like any kind of water filter, the only difference is that you can bring one with you anywhere you go, regardless if you’re hiking or camping!

To be more precise, most of the water filters including portable ones can offer you an effective removal of up to 99% of contaminants, and as a proof that they are safe, it is important to note that water filters must pass FDA (Food and Drug Administration) tests before they are launched on the market.

Is this safe enough?

But that’s not all! Portable water filters are not only safe, but they are specifically designed for outdoor use, and we all know that nowadays, our nature is getting ruined so that even if you find a lake whose water may look clear, in fact, water may be polluted. That’s why, portable water filters will definitely come handy in this situation, since they can drastically improve the quality of water you will be drinking.

Before we end, I’d like to mention one more thing – even though the topic may not be the portable water filter buying guide, still, I wanted to bring you more informations instead of giving a simple explantation are portable water filters save, and I hope that you like this way.

Overall, as far as I know, and after all the arguments I’ve delivered to you, I think that portable water filters are indeed safe, and that they are indeed worthy of considering. Therefore, if you’re a camper or a hiker, do not hesitate to purchase one because these units are incredibly useful, since they will allow you to drink clean water on the go, and honestly, who wouldn’t like such pleasure?

Finally, if you have any questions regarding other topics, feel free to inform me, so that later on, I would keep you informed about numerous topics which belong to your zone of interests.

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