Benefits Of A High-Pressure Shower Head

Last Updated on November 27, 2019 by Terry Ohara

People often think that using a high-pressure showerhead means consuming more water, but nowadays, that’s not really true, new technologies allow you to have more pressure with using the same amount of water that a low-flow showerhead would use pretty interesting right?

Considering the fact that the market is pretty huge these days, it may be hard to find a product that suits your needs the most, while you should also consider if the showerhead you’re purchasing matches your bathroom style and fixtures.

What’s more appealing about high-pressure showerheads, obviously the strong spray, but this doesn’t really add up to everyone, because if you live in a location that has lower water pressure, a showerhead won’t help that much, you’ll need to call a plumber to manage the whole piping system.

Having a high-pressure showerhead allows you to do your cleaning quick and efficiently, and as a note, before choosing your high-pressure shower head, make sure you check the GPM or also known as the flow rate.

Now, as you’ll find different high-pressure showerheads, you’ll also notice that some of them have a flow restrictor, and it’s best if you choose one that has it either removable or adjustable.

As it is standard for high-pressure showerheads nowadays, they work in a very interesting way. To be more precise, the water is mixed with air, so you can already imagine the water flow that you’re going to get.

Another thing that really makes the difference in water flow when it comes to high-pressure showerheads is the nozzle, and that’s something you should really look out for, the size of the nozzle whether it’s narrower or wider it’s going to have an impact on how the water flows. A shower head for low pressure will have wider nozzles, while a showerhead for high-pressure will have tight and narrower nozzles which aid in outputting a strong and satisfying spray.

Also, what makes such showerheads stand out from the other types on the market is price. More precisely, they are more budget-friendly, and within that package, they deliver great value for money without sacrificing performance.

Now, if you compare these showerheads to rain showerheads, you’ll really like the fact that most high-pressure showerheads are handheld, which means that you can direct the water to any desired spot of your body, and in some other situations, you can clean the place after you take a shower with ease, just by pointing the showerhead to wherever you want.

Before we end, it’s also important to mention that high-pressure showerheads are mostly made of stainless steel construction, which means that they are corrosion resistant and they’re going to last you for many years to come. So, if you’ve been looking for something similar, then a high-pressure showerhead would be your best pick.

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