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Baby bathtubs are not a new thing in the market, and maybe you, or someone who is close to you has already bought a baby bathtub for their babies.  Moms know the struggle of bathing their babies, some of them scream or even cry when the bathing time comes.

Nowadays, most of the families in the modern world are getting a baby bathtub with the intention to make their infants interested in bathing because some bathtubs come with a variety of different accessories such as toys or whistles, and babies simply love these stuff!

Unfortunately, choosing the right bathtub for your baby isn’t the easiest thing in the world because of many factors, including the type of the bathtub, price, etc, so, even though there are thousands of them available on the market, most of the time is indeed hard to get the one that matches your preferences the most.

In this article, after a long and detailed research, I’ve managed to list the best possible bathtubs for your infants and have also briefly described the types of baby bathtubs with the intention to make you choose the one that is the best in your opinion.

Are you ready? Let’s get started and take a look at the best baby bathtubs.

Our Picks For The 5 Best Baby Bathtubs

5. Mommy’s Helper Froggie Collection


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We are going to start our best baby bathtubs list with a very popular brand. The Mommy’s Helper Froggie Collection is an extremely affordable, inflatable bathtub that has received hundreds of positive critiques from the parents on the market, mainly because of the fact that this model provides your infant a very comfortable experience, and at the same time this is the first thing you’re looking at before you purchase a baby bathtub!

From a design perspective, this particular model measures 27 x 18 x 6.5-inches, weighs around 1 pound, and sports a blue and white body that is followed by froggies that add even more beauty to its already beautiful appearance!

In addition, this model is 100% Phthalate-free which is awesome if you ask me, due to the fact that the material will not cause your infant irritation to its skin and what’s even better is that the interior surface is covered with padding and prevents slipping, so you will never have any difficulties placing this bathtub in a variety of different surface!

Moreover, in order to inflate the tub, the manufacturer recommends you to inflate the tub sides as well as the bottom and saddle horn by taking advantage of its separate valves. However, the only remark users had regarding the inflating process is that this unit doesn’t come with an air pump which means that you will have to put a bit of an effort so that you can inflate this bathtub.

On the other side, when you require to deflate the bathtub, the only thing you should do would be to open each valve and squeeze so that the air could get out. The manufacturer has also included a drain plug positioned on the bottom part of this unit, so the water will be released quickly and you won’t have to spend much time at all!

I would also like to mention that the Mommy’s Helper Froggie Collection is suitable for infants that range from 0-12 months old, and according to those who have already purchased this product, this bathtub is extremely convenient and parents didn’t have any problems when it comes to bathing their infants! In fact, thanks to the saddle horn, your baby will unlikely slide down in the tub so you can conveniently bathe him/her!

Before we end, there is yet another thing that you should know and that’s regarding the cleaning of this bathtub. Namely, after you’ve bathed your child and have ensured that the water has been released, it won’t take a while until you clean this bathtub. To be more precise, all you would have to do would be to rinse off the bathtub and let it dry upside down!

To conclude, if you’re looking for an affordable, inflatable bathtub that does not look nor feel cheap at all, then Mommy’s Helper Froggie Collection would be the one that should get your attention the most!

4. PRIMO EuroBath


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The PRIMO EuroBath has been on the market for a fairly long time, but since its release date, it has established itself as one of the most recommended and purchased products on the market! So, let’s get into the action and find out why’s the whole hype going around this baby bathtub!

Aesthetically speaking, the EuroBath is available in three distinctive colors of which you can choose from such as the Blue-colored version, Magenta and White which we are currently reviewing, however, do not hesitate to switch if you prefer a different color finish because all of them are well-made so color is the only thing that makes them different from each other.

For your information, this particular model is fairly compact and measures 36 x 21 x 10-inches, so if we take a closer look at its specs, it means that it is suitable for infants as old as 0-24 months. I will explain a bit more why it is suitable for 0-24 months old babies instead of 0-6 months in the following section.

Moving on, the EuroBath is 100% BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free, and it is made of a 100% recyclable Polypropylene which by default, makes this unit exceptionally safe so you shouldn’t worry literally about anything, once you start bathing your infant. The material does not cause irritation and won’t do any harm to your loved ones.

Another great thing about this bathtub is its anatomical shape which does safely support your child, especially at his/her forearms and legs, and to be honest, this is the part which I particularly like due to the fact that your infants will have a truly strainless, comfortable experience!

Moreover, this unit will let you bathe infants in 2 bathing positions. For instance, if your baby’s age ranges from 0-6 months, you can bath them in a reclining position, while 6-24 month-old toddlers can be bathed in a sitting position. This is great and it says a lot about the versatility of the bathtub itself!

The surface does not slip as well, and most of the users claim that they were really satisfied by this mainly because of the fact that their infant has been supported nicely and as you know this is very important since it prevents them from slipping underwater!

Cleaning this bathtub does not take effort at all, but instead, thanks to its plug which allows you to have an easy draining on one side, while on the other, its surface cleans pretty easily. By easy, I think of getting a wet cloth and a soap, this does the job really good, so as you can see, the EuroBath is extremely easy to clean.

To summarize, the PRIMO EuroBath deserves your attention because it is affordable, justifies its price tag and offers a higher level of value for its cost, thanks to its durable and safe construction which will guarantee your infants a very comfortable experience!

3. Angelcare Baby Bath Support

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Even though the Angelcare Baby Bath Support isn’t the typical, standard baby bathtub you can find on the market, I’ve managed to include it in this list mainly because of the fact that it can be used in such way. Hundreds of customers have expressed positive critiques about this product mainly because of the convenience they experienced.

Design-wise, this model boasts an elegant, white and aqua-finished construction that measures 23 x 13.2 x 8.9 inches,  weighs approximately 1.65 pounds and in my opinion, the dimensions are fantastic when it comes to storing this model in a specific area of your household.

When you view this model from above, you can instantly notice the mesh material which occupies a large portion of its construction. Well, this mesh aside from offering huge comfort, it is also exceptionally hygienic as well as mildew-resistant which means that you can use it for a fairly long period of time without detecting a decrease regarding its look! In fact, users claim that the plastic is indeed durable, and I’m sure that you will notice the same if you ever manage to purchase this product.

Moreover, the material used throughout the crafting process is Polypropylene and Thermoplastic Elastomer, so, once you start bathing your infant, the materials will unlikely cause allergies or irritations, and this is absolutely great because we all know that the baby’s skin is prone on getting irritated.

In addition, this unit incorporates a built-in hook as well, so after you’ve bathed your children, you can easily store this unit literally anywhere in your house.

When it comes to the use, I would like to inform you that this model is compatible with virtually any bathtub and it can even fit in single basin sinks that are larger than 23 x 14-inches, so as you can see, this model is all about convenience!

Moving on, the cleaning process should be fairly smooth with this unit because of the presence of the drain holes which will let you use soapy water to clean this unit and what’s even better is that the water is going to be rinsed away quickly.

Last but not least, the manufacturer recommends using this baby bath support for infants as old as 0-6 months, because the size is ideal for them, however, when your infant reache the 6-month threshold, then you should consider getting a new one which is normal though.

According to most of the parents, the Angelcare Baby Bath Support supports your baby really good, and to be honest, I’m not even surprised because if we take a closer look at the design, we can notice that it is indeed ergonomic. Once you place your baby on this unit, you can see that the baby can recline comfortably and be very relaxed, and since you’re a parent, you know that babies are known for moving to much which sometimes makes the bathing be a bit problematic.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend you consider the Angelcare Baby Bath Support especially if you’re looking for a baby bath support that promises a higher level of comfort for your baby and safety, which is the most important part of all!

2. Skip Hop Mob


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The Summer MyBath Seat would be a top option for you, especially if you’re looking for a 3 versatile, 3-1 bathtub that is meant to be used for newborns(0-3 months), infants and sitters that are older than 6 months!

First of all, let’s briefly explain its design. Well, this bathtub is available in 2 colors of which you can choose from, including the Blue-colored edition which I’m currently reviewing,  and the Grey, but, regardless of your choice,  both of them look unique in their own way,  and share the same design so you simply can’t go wrong!

The dimensions of this particular model are set at 27.5 x 19 x 11.6-inches, with an approximate weight of 3 pounds, but what got my attention the most is its ergonomic design which is always the first thing we always look at. To be more precise, this bathtub incorporates a mesh smart sling which locks into two ergonomic positions such as the upper position and the lower position. The first is highly useful if you bathe newborns because the position delivers your newborn a real, head to toe cradling, while the second is suitable for infants that are still learning to sit.

In addition, the interior is covered with a non-slip texture which I absolutely like because once you place your baby in the bathtub, it will remain steady in place and you can easily bathe your loved ones without any problems at all!

For your information, we are talking about a PVC and Phthalate-free product, so in terms of safety, once you get this bathtub you won’t have to be anxious regarding the health of your infant due to the fact that the material does not cause any harm!

Moving on, the Skip Hop Mob bathtub has a removable sling as well, which is quite useful especially if your baby reached the phase of a “sitter” by being older than 6 months with a weight of up to 25 pounds. All you would have to do is to remove the sling so that the baby can sit upright and once you’ve done this, you can start bathing your baby while keeping him/her entertained as much as possible!

In terms of storage, this bathtub simply guarantees convenience due to the fact that its swivel hook can be used to hang this unit on your towel bar, shower bar or even your showerhead!

Overall, the Skip Hop Mob is a truly fascinating baby bathtub because it is suitable for newborns, infants, and babies that are older than 6 months, and when we add the convenience you get in a return along with the comfort which will be instantly felt by your baby, I think that you will never regret the decision if you ever decide to purchase it!

1. The First Years Comfort Deluxe


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In my honest opinion, the First Years Comfort Deluxe deserves to be listed as a #1 bathtub in this article due to the fact that this model has literally all the attributes that “the best” bathtub should have. Starting from design, durability, versatility and all the way to the convenience it delivers while you’re bathing your babies!

From a design perspective, this model comes in two colors, including the Aqua and the Pink edition, so, even though I’m currently reviewing the Aqua version, this should not prevent you from choosing the other version if you actually prefer the Pink-colored version. Both of them are beautiful and both of them have the same, unmatchable design!

This particular model measures 29 x 15.2 x 9-inch, weighs around 2.35 pounds and has a deep, ergonomic construction that is accompanied by a built-in washbasin, adjustable sling and non-slip pads which are mildew-resistant at the same time, so as you can see, your baby will not only be safely kept in place, but this bathtub can be used for a fairly long time and you won’t see a noticeable difference at its look!

In terms of use, the manufacturer recommends you use the newborn sling with infants that are 3 months old and if for any reason, your infant starts having an ability to control its body movements earlier, then you should detach the sling.

In addition, once your baby gets older, you can also bathe them in this bathtub and they will be really entertained especially because this unit is spacious enough to keep multiple toys along with your baby!

According to most of the parents, they really liked the inclusion of the sling due to the fact that the bathtub allows your baby to sit upright, while on the other side, since it reclines, this comes handy especially when your baby is older. With one word, this bathtub is simply ideal for long-term use because regardless of your baby’s age, this unit will always provide comfort and a higher level of stability of your baby!

Before we end, I’d like to mention one more thing and that’s the process of cleaning. Well, the First Years Comfort Deluxe’s mesh sling is machine washable and dryable, while on the other side, it takes a simple rinse of water to fully clean this bathtub, so as you can see, it doesn’t take much time in order to effectively clean this unit and that’s great!

After all, I’d strongly recommend you consider the First Years Comfort Deluxe as your next purchase because it can be seen as a definition of how should a baby bathtub look and be like! Definitely one of the best baby bathtubs out there.

Types of baby bathtubs

  • Convertible tubs: The main purpose of the convertible tubs is to grow along with your child. To be more precise, they are highly adequate to support your baby from the newborn stage and all the way up to the toddler years.
  • Sink Inserts: They are primarily used between infancy and all the way up until your baby reaches 6 months. They are very convenient in terms of use, due to the fact that you can bath your baby while standing on foot instead of having to crouch and be next to the bathroom tub. In addition, they are space-efficient and can fold down easily.
  • Basin tubs: The basin tubs aren’t as space-efficient as the sink inserts, but instead, they are relatively larger and are appropriate to be used until your baby reaches 2 years of age.
  • Inflatable tubs: These types of tubs can be considered as real space-savers because they can be deflated quickly and won’t take a chunk of space of your home. However, each bath session requires to inflate them again and this may be a bit problematic to some people.
  • Standard tubs: Most of these bathtubs have that typical contoured design which holds your infants in a slightly upright position. After 6 months of use, standard tubs can be substituted with larger bathtubs because your baby is already outgrown the tub.
  • Standing tubs: As the name suggests, this type of a baby bathtub supports your baby in a standing position with the intention to match your height, and they are quite convenient to use due to the fact that you won’t have to bend in order to bathe your baby.
  • Luxury tubs: These bathtubs do offer your baby a premium feeling and are known for having entertaining components such as bells, whistles and are usually battery-operated and a way more expensive when you compare then with other baby bathtubs.

Advantages of having a baby bathtub

a baby bathing in a baby bathtub

  • Comfort: Wouldn’t you wish your baby to have the best possible comfort? Regardless if you’re a new mom or not, there isn’t a mother that doesn’t want the best for their child. Getting a baby bathtub means that your baby will be really well supported and would sit comfortably in place so that his/her bath sessions are going to be enjoyable.
  • Safety: Baby bathtubs are one of the safest places for your loved ones. In fact, there are different types of bathtubs that employ safety measures such as a sling, non-slip base, etc, which will provide your baby with even an additional level of safety!
  • Ease Of Use: Bathtubs do not require any kind of specific treatment once you’ve bathed your baby. In general, all you would have to do would be to simply wipe the bathtub after use.
  • Less Expensive: It doesn’t take thousands of dollars in order to purchase a proper bathtub. Even though bathtubs do not share the same price, there are plenty of options to choose from, so the costs won’t rip off your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What’s the best tub type for my baby?

A: There are multiple types of bathtubs, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, which means that there isn’t an exact answer to this question since everything depends on your requirements.

Q: Why would I need a baby bathtub?

A: Baby bathtubs are safe, and can be considered as a far better option than bathing your baby in the kitchen sink. Yes, there are people who do this. Bathtubs are clean as a whole piece, and it doesn’t take long before you clean them after each bathing session. That being said,  having a baby bathtub is strongly advisable!

Q: How often should I bathe my baby?

A: There’s no need of bathing your baby every day, instead, it is recommended that you should bathe your baby three times per week, and once the baby gets older, you can opt to increase the frequency.

Q: How should I clean a baby bathtub?

A: In general, you should try to clean them once a week by taking advantage of natural cleaners such as vinegar or baking because these cleaners do not cause allergic reactions as opposed to different types of oils or Castile soaps. If your bathtub comes with a user manual which offers detailed instructions, then do not hesitate to follow them.

Q: What are my alternatives?

A: What you can do is buy a soaking bathtub or a normal acrylic bathtub and use a removable budget-friendly baby bathtub when its time to bath your newborn.