The Top 5 Best Freestanding Bathtubs For You

Last Updated on October 30, 2020 by Terry Ohara

Freestanding bathtubs are uniquely designed units which stand independent of any wall surfaces, which means that they have an equally finished construction on all sides. These particular tubs come in different sizes, types, and designs. Therefore, they are also widely viewed as luxury tubs because of the features they possess and the spa-like quantities they deliver. In a bathroom layout, freestanding bathtubs are designed to be focal points, while unlike other types of tubs, freestanding bathtubs allow you to mount a faucet on the floor for filling.

Based on your design preferences, these tubs also come in different colors, well, most of them but more common is the white color since it matches with almost any bathroom style or decor, and it gives that modern and elegant look to any bathroom.

For most households, space is something you should consider before purchasing a bathtub. Hence, discussing with your plumber, or bathroom designer before purchasing a bathtub would be wise, because even though you may have space for the fixture, your pipe system or something else might not be relevant with the installment.

For your information, the minimum required space you’ll need for a freestanding, pedestal, or clawfoot tub is 6-inches, while if you have any less than this, the tub will look cramped in the space.

Before we get more into the details, let’s start reviewing some of the best freestanding bathtubs on the market for this year, while if you need more information for what you should know before you purchase a freestanding bathtub, at the end of this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step buying guide on freestanding bathtubs.

Top 5 Best Freestanding Bathtubs

5. MAYKKE Barnet 61

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Maykke Barnet might look like a casual standard bathtub, but the luxurious comfort it delivers is above the premium ones. It has a smooth interior and exterior walls which allow the user to bath comfortably and warm with full-body immersion.

In terms of construction, this unit features a high-quality acrylic body which is both strong and lightweight. As you may already know, acrylic is non-porous and has strong water insulation which allows the tub to stay warmer for longer periods of time. Personally, I find this very helpful and convenient because you won’t need to pour warm water every now and then in order to stay warm and comfortable in the bathtub. In addition to this, the Maykke includes a drain which allows for faster and easier drainage.

The tub has an uncommon oval shape which looks modern and gives a great first impression and striking addition to your bathroom. The traditional standardized white color will match with any bathroom style or decor, so you won’t have to worry about aesthetics either. It is a smaller version of freestanding tubs which can fit in most bathroom spaces, while the glossy finish and modern look with giving a great look to the overall aesthetics.

To get more into the specifics, Maykke Barnet has an average size of 61″ long and 30″ wide, while it accommodates 52.8 gallons and soaks up to a depth of 14-inches. Considering these measurements, this bathtub is not that big yet it is not that small either. This average-sized tub will cover a whole persons’ body resulting in an immersing, comfortable and relaxing bathing session.

To continue, a flexible drain tube which is optional can be attached easily to existing pipes which can save you time and upgrade expenses. Other than that, a fit drain and overflow will eliminate the risk of flooding while also offering peace of mind to the user.

To install this tub is pretty easy, however, if you find it difficult you can always hire a plumber or a professional, but the included instruction manual delivers a briefly explained step-by-step guide on how to do it, so you won’t really have to worry about anything. Also, the lightweight construction will give you the ability to easily lift up the tub for placement.

Moreover, the Maykke Barnet includes leveling feet which provide stability on uneven ground. So, when you see this tub as a whole, this unit is pretty versatile and high-quality without sacrificing performance.

Overall, if you want to add more luxury and style to your bathroom, the Maykke Barnet is the bathtub you seek.

4. FerdY 59

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FerdY is a professional sanitary ware manufacturer which is specialized in producing high-quality and high-standard bathroom equipment ranging from affordable to expensive prices. In this case, the FerdY 59″ is a freestanding bathtub which is ergonomically engineered for full-body immersion with the intent to give you calm, relaxation and comfortability.

This unit boasts a durable acrylic construction measuring 59-inches by length, 30-inches by width, and 23-inches by height, while it is big enough to have a capacity of 60-gallons and to cover a person’s full body while bathing. In addition, it has a premium quality solid brass and finished in corrosion and rust-resistant chrome, while there is also a hand shower included for rinsing off after a bath or washing the bathroom, which comes with a diverter knob to allow the user to switch between tub spout and hand shower. So, as you can see, this tub really offers plenty of features.

To continue, the FerdY 69″ is also equipped with Bathtub tray which is made of natural bamboo premium material, while it provides full adjustability and compatibility design to any bathtub size. Other than that, the bathtub caddy tray consists of several compartments for holding a variety of different items such as a book, candle, phone, glass of wine, or other bathroom accessories.

Moreover, the luxurious bathtub faucet has a tripod base which comes standard with expansion bolts for install on concrete and allows for easy and stable installation, meanwhile it will seamlessly allow the water flow to pass through.

When it comes to the installation process, the manufacturer has made sure that the process requires only one person to do it, while it also is briefly explained in the included instruction manual. Furthermore, the tub has a 2-year warranty which is provided by the manufacturing company for more user convenience.

To finish up, FerdY 59″ is a high-quality freestanding bathtub which was also featured on our best acrylic bathtubs list. This means that it should be taken into serious consideration, and if you ever manage to purchase it, you will unlikely be disappointed!

3. AKDY F210


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Nothing can make a day perfect like a nice relaxing tub soak, so choosing the one to match your requirements the most is important.

The next freestanding bathtub comes from Akdy. Unlike many bathtubs that have an additional cost for a faucet or filler, the AKDY F210 could allow you to save some money. This particular model is available as a package that consists of a filler, although, it also allows the user to choose their own filler whilst offering a lower price than the packaged option. I know, it is confusing, but it’s something most companies don’t offer, or if they include it, it comes with an additional cost.

This unit has curved contours which are built with comfort and relaxation in mind, while its unique structure brings an air of sophistication to any bathroom.

Design-wise, this unit boasts an innovative construction which makes the tub seem elegant, modern yet traditional. The white color will look great in any bathroom, and it will match with any bathroom decor. Regarding its dimensions, this tub measures 66.9″ by length, 30.5: by width, and 30.5″ by height, which means that it is big enough to give you a whole-body immersion and a comfortable bathing session.

However, before purchase, we suggest you speak to a plumber or a professional bathroom designer to ask for further information, whether this tub will fit in your bathroom or not.

For the installation, the manufacturer will provide you with all the fittings, while the installation process will take only a while. Unlike most bathtubs, you can install this one on your own, while the instruction manual will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to do everything properly, so you won’t have to worry about hiring a plumber about the installation.

Other than that, due to its built construction which consists of acrylic and reinforced fiberglass, the unit is pretty lightweight which allows the user to easily lift the tub during installation, maintenance, and cleaning.

To continue, the included drain and the feet feature a polished chrome finish, which combines with any existing faucet that you may already have in your bathroom. In addition, considering that it has a textured base, you won’t need to use a bathmat as it has been made to be non-slip already, so safety is also something that the manufacturer has considered.

To offer more convenience, the manufacturer states that the AKDY F210 offers a 1-year limited warranty, which means that the products come without any defects, while if you encounter any issue during this period, you can always call the AKDY customer support service to come and check for repairs, or replacement of the tub if needed.

Overall, the AKDY F210 is a favorite freestanding bathtub among households worldwide, which is why we also recommend it to anyone that has the budget for it.

2. Woodbridge 59


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Woodbridge also comes from a long line of successful bathroom fixtures, a high-quality bathtub which has style, versatility, and performance to the maximum. We’ve listed Woodbridge bathtubs in almost every article, and if you’ve been browsing the internet searching for quality tubs, then you must’ve seen this name popping up multiple times as well.

The Woodbridge BTA1514 bathtub covers pretty much everything a premium bathtub does, while this particular model comes also at a fair and reasonable price without sacrificing performance. It is warm to the touch, easy to clean, and resistant to a wide range of chemicals and cosmetic products. Other than that, it has excellent heat retention as well as a hygienic, high-gloss, long-lasting finish.

In terms of construction, this unit measures 59-inches in length by 29.5-inches in width by 22.8-inches in height, which means that it is big enough for one person, while it also maintains a graceful design that makes it appealing enough for women. To get more into the specifics, this tubs maximum water depth to the overflow is 14.5-inches while it boasts a 55-gallon capacity which allows the user to soak the entire body in the water and get a comfortable and relaxing experience in the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to its durability, this unit boasts an acrylic with reinforced fiberglass construction which is hard to surpass. Due to bad brands producing low-quality acrylic bathtubs, some people may think that this material is not as durable as stated, but it’s not totally true. Nowadays, most of the tubs are acrylic with reinforced fiberglass, while it is being widely used y almost any company because it costs less, but it definitely delivers durability for long periods of use, in the meantime, it is also scratch-free, crack-free and it has a non-porous surface. Other than that, acrylic bathtubs are also quite lightweight, which allows for easier maintenance, easier installation, and easier cleaning.

In addition, the two layers of acrylic provide tough insulation of water at the right temperature, allowing you to soak comfortably and in peace. It has a stainless steel bracket and bottom which allow the unit to bear a maximum capacity of 1000 pounds. Comparing this to other competitors at this price range, the Woodbridge definitely outruns most of them.

To continue, when it comes to the drain, this part boasts a push pop-up design which delivers a convenient manner to drain the water when you’re finished with your bath. Now, due to the gentle slope at the bottom, and the wide, deep design, this unit makes you bound to sit in a comfortable position while experiencing a relaxing and satisfying bathing session.

Moreover, as you can see, the Woodbridge BTA1514 is a tub that you just can’t say no to. Having an affordable price without sacrificing performance, this freestanding bathtub would be the wisest addition you can make to your bathroom.

1. Empava 67

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Empava is a well-known brand in the bathtub industry which challenges everything from world-class modern design to ergonomic features which are incorporated into all of their luxury tubs. If you’ve used an Empava tub before, then you probably know the pleasing and relaxing experience these tubs deliver, while most of them are also known as soaking bathtubs, in this case, the product that we’ve chosen covers everything. Starting from the finest selection of the materials all the way to high-class design, Empava bathtubs hasn’t left out any of the features that a top-quality bathtub has.

Design-wise, this unit has a striking upscale design which features an anti-bacterial surface with high gloss white finish. Regarding the built material, the Empava 67″ has an acrylic construction that gives the tub remarkable strength and durability, while it is also warmer to the touch and more comfortable compared to traditional steel tubs.

In addition to this, the Empava 67″ also has a non-porous surface which doesn’t let the colors fade, while it is also easy for cleaning. It has a scratch-resistant and cracks-free surface which stays shiny for many years. Other than that, the curved design will prevent fatigues, while it is easy on the back and neck, and lets you lay back and soak for a long time while holding a decent and significant water temperature.

To continue, this versatile and simple design enhances the aesthetics of the tub, while it also allows for pairing with any accessory or tub filler. Meanwhile, the brushed nickel drain and overflow come pre-installed on purchase which prevents water spillage and leakage. However, during our research, we read a couple of customer reviews in which they claimed that the drain leaks slowly, so if something similar occurs to you, we suggest you contact the Empava customer support services for further instruction on what to do.

There are a lot of advantages of having a lightweight tub, and considering that this unit was made of acrylic with reinforced fiberglass, the Empava has a really lightweight construction. The advantages are that the unit can be more easily installed, easier for maintenance, cleaning, etc, etc. However, one thing I didn’t like is that the unit can be pushed by accident across the floor due to its lightweight construction, which is something no one likes. In other words, the manufacturer could have done a better job regarding the weight of this unit.

Overall, this unit would be a great addition to your bathroom, considering the price, performance, and versatility, the Empava 67″ definitely deserves your attention. Definitely one of the best freestanding bathtubs.

Things to know before purchasing a freestanding bathtub

The number 3 best freestanding bathtub.

Before buying a bathtub, there are a few steps you should consider following. Due to the fact that many people can get confused because of the lack of knowledge and information they have about bathtubs, we made a buying guide with three simple steps you should follow before purchase.

STEP 1: Choose the size of the tub carefully

This is an important thing that many people don’t consider before purchasing a tub. It is essential to know how much space your bathroom has, because you may end up buying that tub and it won’t fit afterward.

Instead, measuring the area where the bathtub is going to be placed is wise, while apart from that, you will also need space for your plumbing installation and have easy access to it for future maintenance. Plan to have at least 4-inches of space between the bathroom walls and the tub. In addition, measuring all the doorways, hallways, stairwells, and other opening is important because you should know where the tub must pass through.

Another thing you should know is that if you plan on placing the tub on any floor above the first level, a heavy tub might be a problem. One, because it is heavy to carry upstairs, and two, because the floor might not be tough enough to hold the tub filled with water. The guideline is, your floor might need additional reinforcement if it were to support a cast iron or resin tub.

STEP 2: Choose your preferred freestanding tub style

Yes, choosing a tub style is also important. Will the tub that you’re purchasing be frequently used or just for appearance, or for soaking purposes? In whatever case, there are plenty of freestanding tub styles to choose from, from one of which you’ll find the one the meets your requirements the most. These freestanding tub types include:

  • Single-Ended – It is the most common tub style which is mostly found in traditional houses. This style is defined by one rounded end which is sloped for lounging, with the counter end which is reserved for your drain and faucet.
  • Double Ended – These have two rounded ends which allow the tub to provide the option of bathing on each side. They only noticeable difference between this tub and the other types is that Double-Ended tubs are not raised on any end.
  • Clawfoot – These are known as one of the oldest tub styles in world history, but upgrades started appearing during the 1800s, but still they remain as a popular style and a favorite option for classic houses with traditional styling. These tubs are available with single-ended, single-slipper, double-ended, and double-slipper designs, while they also come in a wide variety of sizes which can fit in different bathroom spaces.
  • Japanese Soaking Bathtubs– These particular tubs are known as the smallest in length, but the biggest in height. Due to their taller structure, these tubs feature an integrated seat. Specifically, these tubs have a lot of depth which allows a person to submerge in water, and experience full-body immersion while delivering a comfortable and relaxing bathing session.
  • Single Slipper – They differ from single-ended style due to one elevated end which forms the shape of a slipper. This elevated end provides exceptional back support, resulting in a more comfortable bathing experience.
  • Double Slipper – Unlike single-slipper tubs, these ones are raised on both ends for comfortable reclining on each side.
  • Pedestal/Skirted – Just like clawfoot, these type of tubs come in a single-ended design, single slipper, double-ended, and double slipper designs.

If you want more information about these tub types, make sure you check out our full article on Best Bathtubs, where each of these are briefly explained on what purpose they serve on how their design affects the bathroom style.

STEP 3: Choose a bathtub material

Just like they come in a variety of styles, freestanding tubs are also built with different materials. Built material results on whether the tub is comfortable or durable, while depending on the material used to create the tub, they also have different prices.

While considering your budget, you can choose the tub in acrylic, solid surface, stainless steel, stone, cast iron, copper.

Ranging from less-durable to most-durable, all of these tubs offer something that the other one doesn’t, which means that if acrylic is less durable than cast-iron, which truly is, it doesn’t mean that cast-iron is more comfortable than acrylic, because it really isn’t. Some of them offer more comfortability, some more versatility, while some more durability, so depending on what you’re after, make sure you choose your preferred bathtub material.

Are freestanding tubs comfortable?

Just like we mentioned above, comfortability depends on the tubs material, while it can also be affected by the shape of the tub. Personally, I find double-ended acrylic tubs to be more comfortable, because on both sides, you can accommodate your back and legs, while the acrylic is warmer and softer to the touch, unlike cast iron.

So, the guideline is, freestanding tubs are comfortable, especially if you choose an acrylic freestanding soaking tub, despite the fact that it might be less durable than the other materials, it will still last you 15-20 years, while if properly cleaned, maintained and taken care off, it can last you a lifetime.

Are freestanding tubs more expensive?

Freestanding tubs come at more expensive prices than standard built-in tubs. Considering that they are more complex to build and have more features, these tubs differentiate from the other casual types greatly.

Sometimes these freestanding tubs don’t have a lot of features, but their prices are way too expensive, which is because the tub was mainly built to be durable and to deliver comfort, in this case, such tubs are cast-iron and resin tubs.

Although, you can find plenty of tubs which come at affordable prices. You might consider purchasing an acrylic tub since they deliver significant durability and performance at an average price, unlike those heavy stainless steel tubs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is a free-standing tub?

Common dimensions for freestanding tubs are 60-inches long, 30-inches wide, and 19-inches depth, while other smaller ones which are more suitable for small bathrooms measure 55-inches in length, 27-inches in width, and 15-inches in depth.

Is it hard to clean around a freestanding tub?

Depending on how you’ve placed the tub, this task can be quite hard. Residential code requires a space of at least 4″ between the walls and the tub, while if you plan on following this code, cleaning should be a breeze, as it would be much easier to clean around.

Do freestanding tubs have jets?

Yes, there are freestanding bathtubs with whirlpool and heated tubs available, however, they are not very easy to find. Although, there are a few hard-working freestanding tubs with jets, soaking freestanding bathtubs, jacuzzi jet whirlpool, combination jet tub, and microbubble.

However, before purchasing a tub, make sure you read a couple of reviews and check the product specifications for further information, where you’ll also be able to find out if the tub has jets or not.


Given that you’ve read this whole article, we hope this overview on the best Freestanding Bathtubs was good enough to help you come to a decision. We made this list based on countless of user reviews, brand reputation, durability, and design. We also tried to list bathtubs that vary in prices, from affordable to expensive in order to help you find the one that meets your requirements the most.