The Top 5 Best Walk-In Bathtubs

Last Updated on October 26, 2020 by Terry Ohara

If you’ve been reading our articles, then you’ve probably noticed that we’ve included walk-in tubs on our general bathtub buying guide, due to their quality design, high-end performance, and the comfort that they provide. Today, we will review the 5 best walk-in bathtubs that you can buy right now.

To get things clear for the newcomers, a walk-in tub is a bathtub which features a watertight door that gives the user the option to step into the tub over a low threshold to increase safety, which is also the best bathtub option that you can find for people with disabilities. To be more specific, the door closes, afterward, the tub fills with water and after draining the bath, which takes only minutes, the bather can open the door to safely step out, reducing the chances to slip on the wet floor, or something similar to that.

Besides being the best option for people with disabilities, walk-in tubs are also the ideal choice for older people, while the door also makes their bathing experience safer, more reliable, and more comfortable.

Just like the other bathtub models which have their differences in size, design, and functionality, walk-in tubs also come in different sizes and designs. Some models are taller, some are wider, some are shorter, etc, etc.. The guideline is, the mass market holds many different models and configurations available, which is a good thing because, at one point, you’ll be able to find the one that meets your requirements the most.

To point out some models which are more widely recognized, the walk-in tubs available for easy transfer from a wheelchair to the tub seat, which are also known as slide-through tubs that have a front that opens entirely to give the necessary width for the user with a wheelchair to get in safely.

When it comes to the comfort, walk-in tub tend to provide a deeper water depth which can be compared to the traditional tubs, thus, unlike a standard tub has a depth of approximately 13 to 14 inches, a walk-in tub can provide four feet of water depth for a full-body immersion and a comfortable bathing experience while seated securely. Regarding the seats, they are mostly placed at 17-inches high, while many of these walk-in tubs also include hydrotherapy jets and other luxury features such as chromotherapy lighting and heating seating for maximum performance.

Besides the things that we mentioned, we made this list based also on durability, ease-of-installation, price, and functionality. So, stick with us in the next couple of minutes to find out why these walk-in tubs can be the perfect addition to your house and bathroom.

Top 5 Best Walk-In Tubs

5. Spa World Venzi

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Bathing is something that we do every day once or twice, before work and after work, or before training and after training, or other circumstances. Having the best essentials in your bathroom, such as a great tub, is something everyone should thrive for, which is why we decided to put the Spa World Venzi in this list, because it boasts an incredible performance, and delivers safety above all, especially for elders, children, or people with disabilities.

The Spa World Venzi Vz3060silws is a high-quality soaking walk-in tub which provides users an independent bathing session, using the most efficient crafting methods, and the most comfortable and quality materials which can satisfy even the most demanding customers on the market.

Starting from the design, this particular model boasts an acrylic construction with reinforced fiberglass which measures 36 x 64 x 32-inches, while having a decent weight of 251 pounds. Personally, I like the design of the tub since it looks pretty casual and traditional, but nonetheless, it has the latest tech-infused, while the white finish matches with any bathroom style or decor. In addition, the abovementioned acrylic with fiberglass construction it is continued with a stainless steel frame design, which means that it is ideal and safe for bathing with different aromatic oils and salts.

What is also important to mention about the acrylic construction is that it is non-porous, which ensures that the tub will last you for many years to come, without any scratches, cracks, or deterioration. However, let’s not forget to point out that for the installation of this tub, you will definitely need a helping hand, because while lifting the product to store it at the desired place, you may end up dropping it and cracking it at some point.

Nonetheless, instructions about the installation will be provided along with the package, where you’ll be able to find a step-by-step guide on how everything should be and more about the features and about the product.

To continue, what I also like about this tub is that it is also counted as a soaking tub, due to its depth which allows you to experience a full-body immersion that can be quite comfortable, satisfying, and relaxing at the same time. Other than that, there is another factor which ensures that the user has as much comfort as possible, 19-inch contoured seat.

Besides the door, which we’ll talk about in a minute, another safety feature of this tub is the textured design which doesn’t allow the user to slip in any way, even when the surface is wet.

All and all, if you’re wondering why do you need a door to step into your bathtub, well, it is because it provides more safety, and it is the ideal option for people with disabilities as you do not have to lift the person all the way to put him/her into the tub.

Apart from all the things we mentioned, there is something which I think the manufacturer could have done a better job with, and that’s the fact that the tub only provides you with hydro massage jetting, while it doesn’t feature air massage jets. In my opinion, for this price range, air-jetting should be present. However, this is only my personal opinion, and after all, the lack of air jetting is paid in full with the quality, comfort, and durability that this tub offers.

Moreover, the manufacturer also backs up the product with a lifetime warranty for the door, 1 year for the components, and a 3-month warranty for labor. In other words, this is a reliable walk-in tub which is built with quality and durability in mind, so, if you’re after something like this, the Spa World Venzi could be the answer.

4. Empava 53″ Walk-In

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Yes, we simply love Empava products, which is why we list bathtubs of this brand in almost every category, because they are exceptionally good, and offer great value for the money. This particular Empava model is a freestanding walk-in tub which features an impressive design offering a 4-inch threshold to ensure that you can get it the tub in the easiest way possible. It has a quality surrounding construction which does not let any water spillage to occur in your bathroom floor, or on the sides while keeping you safe the whole time.

Since we started complementing the design, this unit boasts a 100% acrylic construction which has a high-gloss nature, while the white finish gives a great look to the overall appearance of any bathroom. It is a highly ergonomic tub which comes with knobs that are specifically made for simplicity while making the product the ideal choice for older people, children, and for people with disabilities, delivering a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

To continue, the outer part of the tub features a handrail built surrounding, which allows users for a persistent and stable grip while you are bathing. For more convenience, you will find yet another grab bar inside which is put there for extra stability and safety.

Similar to other walk-in tubs, the Empava 53″ includes an integrated seat, which allows the user to submerge in the water comfortably, meanwhile, when you finish bathing, you’re also going to like the texture slip-resistant floor which provides extra security, and prevents the user from slipping even if the surface is wet.

What makes this walk-in freestanding tub stand out from the other competitors on the market is the wide door, which is way wider than the most, while it can also be opened all the way. You may be wondering, what difference does it make if I have a wider door, well, it means that there is more space available for you, or an easier way for people with disabilities to get into the tub comfortably without any problems.

In terms of installation, you’ll be happy to know that unlike most tubs, this particular model has its accessories pre-drilled and pre-installed which saves you a lot of time, while for the installation of the tub, if this is your first time installing a bathroom vanity, then you should probably hire a plumber even though the installation can be done by just one person. We also recommend the tub to be lifted by two people during placement when you install it, which eliminates the chance of dropping the tub by accident to prevent cracks and scratches.

Not to forget to mention that the tub also has a pre-installed faucet, right side drain, and left side door, and above all, it also has a copper drain included, so the guideline is, the manufacturer has included everything you could ever need for your bath.

To finish up, the Empava 53″ simply delivers great value for the money, and it’s a purchase that you won’t ever regret making it.

3. American Standard 32 Walk-In


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American Standard has been around for quite some years now, considering the fact that is was founded in 2008, this company has managed to reach the top-of-the-chain in producing quality plumbing fixtures, bathroom vanities, and other essentials. We’ve reviewed bathtubs from American Standard before, and we’re doing it again by listing their products on this best walk-in bathtubs buying guide because their products are unlikely to disappoint.

For this category, the American Standard 32 Walk-In is the perfect tub for people that are trying to find the ideal walk-in tub for their bathroom. Offering the latest tech, features and the most advanced therapeutic options,  this tub is able to deliver comfort and relaxation as you’ve never encountered before.

Starting with the design, this particular model comes in a high-gloss gel-coat and durable construction, while providing the user controls with easy to push buttons, a faucet and a handheld showering wand for a better bathing experience. It features a rectangular shape, which is common for bathtubs on the mass market, and it features a fiberglass construction which despite what most people say it is still a durable material, of course not as durable as an iron cast bathtub, but it definitely has its advantages and benefits.

To continue, this tub features an outward opening door which opens all the way to allow the user to get in/out easily, however, I must say that the manufacturer could have done a better job with the spacing, since the in-tub surface has a significant gap with the bottom part of the tub, which can be pretty high for people with disabilities.

Although, there are still other safety elements present which can change your mind for the better, such as the textured floor which prevents the user to slip in any case, even if the surface is all wet, while there is also a grip handle available once you get in the tub, which you can hold to easily get up, and get out of the tub when you’re finished bathing.

Performance-wise, unlike most tubs at this price range, the American Standard 32 includes 6 water jets which are there for the purpose of delivering a comfortable and relaxing whirlpool massage, which is healthy for your body since it relieves the muscle tension which occurs from stress, and mostly from a long day of hard work. But that’s not all, you’ll be happy to know that this tub also consists of 21 air jets to ensure for a full-body massage, while it features an automatic cycle for a hygienic, significant and clean system.

Apart from that, this tub has the ability to keep the water temperature warm even after you’ve been bathing for hours, which is all possible with the help of an in-line heater, so you won’t have to worry about pouring in how water every now and then. I particularly like this feature because it also allows me to save water, resulting in low-cost monthly water bills.

For added comfort and convenience, the unit features a built-in chair which has a decent height from the surface, and a decent height for the back, while the seat itself is designed to deliver exceptional comfort, relaxation, and above all, it feels nice to the touch due to the material that is used for its construction.

Moreover, to fill the tub, there is a deck-mounted faucet available which can deliver 16 gallons per minute rate at 40 PSI, which means that it will only take minutes to fill the tub completely, while for draining the tub, the tub needs less than 2 minutes to completely drain the water.

Overall, if you’re someone who cares about brand reputation before purchasing a product, this American Standard walk-in tub is the answer, since it comes from a long line of successful products.

2. Ariel 3060 Walk-In


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You will never know what a premium bathtub feels like until you encounter one in a 5-star hotel, or in a luxurious resort somewhere. The Ariel EZWT is purchased widely by households worldwide, as it boasts a premium built construction, while including the latest tech with large hydro jets that provide a remarkable back massage, and above all, air bubble jets specifically for a full-body massage, all of which are able to deliver the user an exceptionally good, comfortable, and relaxing bathing experience.

Starting off with the design, this bathtub has a decent size of 60″L x 30″W, which is the size of a standard tub that fits in most areas, while the white reinforced fiberglass resin coated finish with high-gloss triple gel coat will complement any bathroom style or decor.

Just as the name states, as a walk-in tub, this unit has plenty of safety features, considering that these tubs are more suitable for older people, and for people with disabilities. Firstly, you’ll be happy to know that the tub features a low threshold where the door opens, which allows users to step-in more safely, and more easily.

Apart from that, just like any other walk-in tub, the Ariel 3060 also has a textured floor which eliminates the chance of slipping even when the surface is wet. But that’s not all, see, there is yet another element which is included specifically for safety reasons, the grab bar, which you can grab while sitting in the bathtub, or while getting up, so in other words, this tub offers remarkable stability in every aspect.

However, there is one thing that we recommend you to consider before purchasing the product, make sure you see what side of the drain meets your requirements the most since you get a choice of choosing left or right by manufacturer standards. In doing so, you will save yourself the time of extra plumbing if you pick the one that doesn’t match your bathtub alcove.

What makes this bathtub stand out from the other competitors on the market are the effective massage jets which perform exceptionally good, while they can swivel in any desired direction. From my experience, the massage jets were able to deliver a great lower body massage, which is extremely comfortable, relaxing, and satisfying at the same time.

Other than that, the tub takes only minutes to fill, and due to the high-quality construction, the tub is able to save the water temperature which means that you won’t be required to pour in warm water every now and then. Also, this particular model features a powerful drain system, which takes about 2 minutes to completely drain the water from the tub, so as you can see, this tub is really something else when you compared to the standard walk-in tubs on the market today.

Moreover, from my experience, I couldn’t find anything bad about this bathtub, which is also why we recommend it to everyone looking for a reliable and high-quality walk-in tub.

1. Ella Ultimate

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As for the last product, we chose to list the Ella Ultimate walk-in tub, which is also our editor’s top pick for the best walk-in bathtubs on the market for this year. This tub has literally everything you could think off, featuring the latest technology in massage, heating, LED Chrome therapy, innovative controls and much more. If you’ve been reading our other bathtub reviews in different categories, then you’ve probably noticed that we’ve listed this same model basically everywhere, well, it’s a worldwide favorite bathtub because it can accommodate different people, with different needs, and with different bathing preferences.

Design-wise, the Ella Bubbles Ultimate boasts an acrylic construction accompanied with a glossy finish and a stainless steel frame which has a decent size that is similar to those traditional tubs, while also being able to fit in an alcove tub, meaning that you won’t need extra plumbing for the installation or whatsoever. Ella Bubble’s is also widely recommended as a great option for a soaking tub due to the depth that it features, and the fact that it can hold up to 95 gallons of water.

Now, let’s talk about Ella’s performance and what this tub is really capable of.

You want to know what really makes this tub stand out from all the other competitors in the mass market, the triple message system which can be rarely found in other tubs or can’t be found at all. Ella as an equal number of water jets and air jets, featuring a total of 26 which basically cover every part of your body, the legs, feet, and the back. It provides an exceptionally good massage and delivering extra relaxation, comfort, and satisfaction. During our research, we read a couple of customer reviews stating that this is the perfect tub not only for older people, considering the fact that walk-in tubs are mostly oriented towards people with disabilities, but also for children, and the average aged person.

To continue, you’ll also find the size of the seat to be pretty decent, being 20-inches wide designed for extra comfort, while the material used for its construction has a warm feel to the touch. In addition to this, the tub can be filled completely in a matter of minutes, featuring a faucet that fills at 18 gallons per minute, while the dual-drain system makes sure that the tub is emptied even faster.

Similar to most walk-in tubs, Ella also has a low threshold of 8.5-inches which makes the process of stepping in and out easier than expected, however, if you don’t find that low enough you can always change it to 5.5-inches as there is an option provided for that specifically. Another common feature which is found in almost every walk-in tub is the textured floor which also provides extra safety as it is non-slip, but there are definitely other accessories included which can be hard to find in other products, such as the two grab bars, the swivel tray for holding bath supplied, and the five-piece faucet set with a retractable handheld shower.

All and all, the Ella Bubbles Walk-In tub is the best tub that you can find in this category, so if you have the budget for it, don’t hesitate to purchase it because there is really nothing that could make you regret your decision afterward, as it is the most premium high-end bathtub out there. Definitely can be considered as one of the best walk-in bathtubs out there, it was even mentioned in our best acrylic tubs buying guide!

Things to consider before purchasing a walk-in tub

Just as we mentioned in the beginning, walk-in tubs come in a variety of sizes and forms, while also having different designs, built materials, and features. Now, we will point out some important marks which have to be considered before purchasing a walk-in tub.

  1. Dimensions – As walk-in tubs come typically in larger dimensions than a standard tub, you should discuss with your plumber or bathroom designer whether a walk-in tub can fit in your bathroom or not.
  2. The water capacity – If you didn’t know, the majority of walk-in tubs require at least 50-gallons of water to fill, which means that you should check the size of your water heater, because if the tank supports less than 50-gallons of water, you won’t be able to fill the tub completely, or you will have to heat the water gallon tank twice to fill it fully.
  3. What type of walk-in tub to pick – Depending on what you need the most, there are plenty of options available when it comes to walk-in tubs, however, we won’t stop explaining each type, as we have already written reviews about them, but we will still mention some of the most popular types.

Types Of Walk-In Tubs

  • Soaker tub
  • Wheelchair accessible tubs
  • Bariatric walk-in tubs
  • Aerotherapy (air jet) tubs
  • Hydrotherapy (water jet) tubs
  • Aromatherapy tubs
  • Chromatherapy
  • Combination tubs

What To Look For In A Walk-In Bathtub

– Handrails

– Textured flooring

– Quick drainage

– Easy cleaning

– In-line heating

– A comfortable seat

– Decent step-in height

The type of installation required

The American Standard Bathtub - Listed as The #3 best walk-in bathtubs

This is one of the most important parts, as for some tubs that may not be suitable for your bathroom, you’ll have to do extra plumbing for it, so make sure you see what does the tub require for its installation, or if all the essentials for the installation are included in the package. Discussing this with a plumber can be very effective and informative, as it is a job for them. Take in mind that for some walk-in tubs, there will be additional plumbing required which can cost you money, which is why we are also informing you that you should take this step into serious consideration.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: How does a walk-in bathtub work?

A: A walk-in bathtub works essentially like a normal bathtub, the difference stands at the door on the side of the tub that gives super easy access to disabled people, ensuring maximum safety and comfort.

Q: Does a walk-in bathtub add value to a house?

A: The short answer is yes, because these tubs cost a lot and are specialty equipment. However, it will also depend on the location of your house and apartment, for example, it will not add much value if you live in the low-end student neighborhood.


We take it that by now you have already made up your mind about the kind of tub that you need, and which features to look for when purchasing a tub. It took us hours of research to write this article, while we also had to discuss and ask specific questions to people who already purchased the products, and ask plumbers for manufacturer statements if they were accurate or not. We made this list based on durability, performance, design, features, price, and ease-of-installation.

We hope  that you found this article to be helpful, and if you have any questions related to this topic, make sure you contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.