Difference Between Rain Shower Head And Normal Shower Head

Last Updated on November 27, 2019 by Terry Ohara

As you may already know, rain shower heads are the more luxurious type of showerheads, while normal showerheads don’t come with any special functionality or something similar.

There are quite some differences between them, however, by the end of the article, I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to define which one is more worth it.

First, let’s start by pointing out some interesting facts about rain showerheads. These types of showerheads provide a rain-alike showering experience just as the name suggests, and for the most part, that’s the only reason they become popular over time, and many people actually find it to be quite relaxing and satisfying.

While they also differ from normal showerheads with how they are installed, unlike normal showerheads that sit on the side of your wall, rain showerheads are mostly installed above the shower, so it flows water down over top of your head, to make it seem as realistic as it can be, and you’re really going to feel that rain-alike experience.

One major difference that sets a rain shower head apart from a regular showerhead is the price, while on the other hand, you’ll also need to consult with your plumber before purchase, to see if the rain showerhead fits in your bathroom or not because they mostly come oversized.

Now, as for normal showerheads, they use 12 – 22 liters per minute, while there are some water-saving options out there which use only 9 liters per minute, and sometimes less.

For installing such showerheads you won’t need to do much, and you don’t need any additional plumbing or something like that, you simply remove the existing showerhead arm by using a spanner, and cloth if needed, while afterward, you need to remove the supply outlet. Next, you also need Teflon tape to wrap it around the supply outlet, then place flange oversupply outlet, screw the new showerhead arm on it, and you’ll be good to go.

Most of the time, people prefer rain showerheads over normal showerhead for its relaxing qualities, and that’s something you should also aim for. However, a rain showerhead is not as functional as a normal showerhead in some terms, especially handheld showerheads, you can take care of your cleaning business as quickly and effectively as possible.

In terms of water pressure, rain showerheads are often compared to low flow showerheads, they aren’t the greatest in terms of pressure, so if you’re someone who really enjoys the intense water pressure while showering, then a rain showerhead won’t be the right choice for you, just as the name states that tend to provide you with a rain-alike feeling.

In the end, the decision is still yours, depending on your showering preferences and what you like most, that’s how you’re going to know which showerhead will suit your needs the most, but again, I really prefer a rain showerhead over a normal showerhead, that relaxation that it provides it can’t be compared with any other type of showerhead.

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