Do Dual Shower Heads Use More Water?

Last Updated on November 28, 2019 by Terry Ohara

One of the most asked questions regarding dual shower heads is exactly this – Do dual shower heads use more water?

I’ve decided to explain everything regarding this topic, so that you will have a better understanding and know whether they actually use more water or not.

To begin with, using dual showerheads is a truly convenient and comfortable thing, due to the fact that you will be able to shower quickly and mroe effectively, and this especially comes handy if you shower in the morning, before going to work!

Secondly, you should know that dual shower heads are available in different sizes, functions and price. You will have an opportunity to get a dual shower head which includes a fixed rain shower head and a standard hand-held shower head. Does this sound interesting? I guess that your answer is a big Yes!

Moreover, considering the benefits you have in a return, keep in mind that dual shower heads cost a bit more in comparison to the traditional singnle shower heads, and the price may go even higher if you buy from a reputed brand. However, this is fairly normal, the better the brand the more quality the products usually are!

Now, let’s get to the point.

Dual shower heads will tend to have a water-flow which will be more than the average 2.5 GPM as is the case with single shower heads. Honestly, this isn’t a bad thing at all if you ask me, since dual shower heads do ensure a throughout shower experience, because water will reach every part of your body, and this means a lot for your personal hygiene!

If you still have doubts regarding the water-efficiency, I would like to let you know that most of the dual shower heads avaialble on the market are not only focused to provide you a throughout showering experience, but also to save water as much as possible. There are even dual shower heads which deliver a waterflow of 2.31 GPM per minute, which is even less than the standard!

Moving on, the benefits do not end here. In fact, they are numerous but I will try to offer you the most notable ones, and help you get the most of this dual shower head buying guide.

Well, dual shower heads can definitely offer you a personalized experience to you and to each member of your family, and let’s not forget that you won’t have to detach the shower head and move it across every part of your body. Instead, they will reach even the most unreachable part of your body.

Also, dual shower heads are perfect for disabled people due to their convenience and finally, most of the dual shower heads pack numerous technologies which will dramatically enhance and improve your shower experience on one side, while on the other, they will ensure that water will not be spent for nothing!

In the end, I think that everything depends on the dual shower head, some of them may use more water than the average, some meet the criteria, and don’t be surprised if you find dual shower heads which are more cost-efficient than the single ones!

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