Does A Countertop Water Filter Remove Bacteria?

Last Updated on November 28, 2019 by Terry Ohara

You shouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that your municipal water may contain numerous microorganisms, and some of them may actually cause you health issues after prolonged use of that water.

Water as a topic is too wide to be explained in a single article, and the same can be said regarding the effectiveness of the filters, not only the countertop ones.

But still, I will try to explain you the strengths and the weaknesses of using countertop water filters, and how effective they are in keeping your water clean from various harmful contaminants.

To begin with, the most important thing to understand is that there isn’t a single filter that offers 100% effectiveness regardless if it comes to bacteria or at removing contaminants, although manufacturers strive to craft such a powerful filter.

Regardless if you search for the top countertop water filter or the best water filter regardless of its type, be prepared that nearly all of them will guarantee you at least effectiveness of up to 99%.

So, a simple question pops up – How effective countertop water filters actually are?

Well, you should note that water filters are basically a physical barrier which traps debris and sometimes even prevent bacteria from passing through.

Countertop water filters aren’t different at all, because their purpose is to remove Chlorine and other chemicals from your tap water, and they are filtering your water by employing a replaceable, carbon cartridge.

Moreover, they do not remove bacteria, the only filter that may offer you the most effective removal of harmful bacteria is known as a reverse osmosis water filtration system. But, keep in mind that they will cost you between $12,000 – $18,000, which is a lot though.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in countertop water filters though, because they are still very effective and in fact, they can bring you multiple benefits.

What are the benefits?

-They are more effective than water filter pitches and water faucet filters, and they will not clog as quickly as the aforementioned filters due to the fact that they have a large filtration surface.

-They are very easy to install, and even if you’re not a professional, you can manage to do everything by yourself without having to hire a plumber and spend more money.

-Countertop water filters have a removal rating of up to 99% including various pharmaceuticals, lead, chlorine, pesticides, etc.

-These filters are exceptionally affordable considering their effectiveness, and honestly, I think that people should be ready to invest in one, especially if their municipal water has a bad rating.

Overall, even though these were some of the benefits, I’m sure that now you’re aware of how effective countertop water filters actually are. At the same time, I’ve also answered the question whether they can remove bacteria or not, and although the answer is no, still, they are worthy of considering and having if you ask me.

Therefore, try to make a research and choose one of the thousands available on the market, and if you ever manage to purchase one, then trust me, you would never regret that decision!

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