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Terry Ohara

Should You Get A Soaking Tub

Well, let’s keep it simple for now, sure, you should get a soaking tub, but …

Holly Gasaway

How Often You Should Replace Your Shower Filter

The only thing required by you, once you decide to get a shower filter is …

Thomas Green

What To Look For In A Soaking Bathtub

Soaking tubs date bate decades ago, they are pretty popular and they have a great …

Terry Ohara

Protecting Your Hair With A Shower Filter

There are thousands of ways to protect your hair and make it shine like the …

Holly Gasaway

How Are Acrylic Bathtubs Made

Nowadays, the mass market holds thousands of tubs, different models with prices varying from affordable …

Thomas Green

Does A Countertop Water Filter Remove Bacteria?

You shouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that your municipal water may contain …

Terry Ohara

Porcelain Vs Acrylic Bathtubs

Well this is a fair debate, isn’t it? Both types are pretty popular and they …

Holly Gasaway

How To Install A Countertop Water Filter

First of all, I would like to make one thing clear – There is a …

Thomas Green

What Is A Countertop Water Filter?

The most precise depiction of what a countertop water filter is that it is a …

Terry Ohara

Should You Get An Acrylic Bathtub

Acrylic bathtubs date back to decades ago, and for many years now, they’ve been and …

Holly Gasaway

Running Two Shower Heads On A Single Valve

There are many types of shower heads, and multiple methods to install. People aren’t the …

Terry Ohara

How Does A Water Filter Pitcher Remove Bacteria

It is pretty natural that all of us want the water that we have at …

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