How A Faucet Water Filters Helps You Stay Healthy

Last Updated on November 29, 2019 by Terry Ohara

H2O is essential for living, and luckily, water covers more than 70 % of the surface of our planet, however, this isn’t fresh water, but it is a salty water which comprise the oceans.

In practice, only 1% of water is freshwater, and unfortunately, not everyone has access which is disappointing, since throughout the years, we have polluted our planet so much, that we’ve closed doors for people who need one thing to survive – water!

I don’t want this article to sound scary, but these are the facts. What makes me be an optimist, is that people have found ways to filter water and make it accessible for millions of people.

If we assume that your municipal water is kind of quality and healthy, still, what are the odds that there won’t be higher levels of various harmful substances, including sand, rust, pharmaceuticals or Chlorine? In my personal experience, many times when I turned my faucet on, I’ve recognized huge amounts of Chlorine, and maybe, I was waiting for a few minutes before the white color was completely gone.

Faucet water filters are specifically meant for these purposes, they are incredibly affordable and effective units that may offer you an effective removal of these substances up to 99%. Just keep in mind that they aren’t the same thing as water purifiers, who are stronger, and known for cleaning even viruses! But of course, for a significantly higher, or if you prefer – a salty price that may not be affordable for everyone.

In addition, these filters offer numerous benefits of which the most notable are:

Lead removal from your water – most of the cities in which we are living, tend to have some kind of lead contamination in the water supply, hence, these filters can improve water quality by up to 20%.

They prevent the spread of disease – faucet water filters can effectively clean bacterial contamination even if Chlorine shows unable to do that.

Improved water taste – If you’ve noticed a strange taste in your water, this is an indicator that your water isn’t clean. Faucet water filters will improve the taste of your water and help you stay healthy and hydrated.

Less Fluoride – Fluoride is one of the most widely used chemicals in our water supply, some researches believe that this chemical improves our dental health, and even if they are true, chronic consumption of this chemical may make your bones fragile, and even reduce your mobility.

There are even more! Just imagine the possibilities and how safe are you going to be if you ever decide to use a faucet water filter? Therefore, I strongly recommend you to take a look at the best faucet water filters, since there are thousands of them, and feel free to choose the one that suits your preferences the most!

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