How Long Does A Water Filter In A Refrigerator Last?

Last Updated on November 29, 2019 by Terry Ohara

This may sound a little confusing for the majority of us since most of us haven’t given a thought to changing the refrigerators water filter, but it is an essential part of keeping the water clean from contaminations and chemicals. If you didn’t know ice is very dangerous when it is contaminated, and for that reason, I think that anyone should change. The most frequent question I receive when I tell people this information is how long does a water filter in a refrigerator last, but there is no definite answer to this question and it will depend on your use and other circumstances as well, so let’s try to clear out some air. Shall we?

First off let’s get to know how a refrigerator water filter works. Like any other filter that you may have encountered, a refrigerator water filter is manufactured and designed to remove smells, taste, contamination, and sediments, utilizing a technology that is often used in both sediment and carbon-based filtration systems. Most of the time they have a carbon block core that is covered with a polypropylene like material, that water flows through the outer material mechanically to remove suspended solids and other hard particles such as debris. After that, the carbon block comes into play, where the other unwanted particles stick to its surface. With the adsorption process, the carbon and the carbon contamination are removed, but they don’t soak to the surface and if you know about carbon-based filters you know the whole thing.

As we all know the water that comes to our houses travels for miles and miles of underground piping that can be contaminated before reaching your house. Most of the contamination and dangerous chemicals are indeed removed with chlorine treatment, there are still some that can’t be removed and make your water not so pleasant to drink and use. These filters are designed to remove and clear your water from three contaminants, lead, chlorine, and volatile organic compounds, which are extremely dangerous in the long run and a water filter will make everything worth it.

Coming to the main question, when you should change your refrigerator water filter. While there are tons of people that suggest you can go for a long time without changing it, I wouldn’t suggest you go longer than a year without changing, and every six months should be optimal. Those filters are not expensive and you can get the best refrigerator water filters delivered to your house from Amazon.

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