How Often You Should Replace Your Shower Filter

Last Updated on November 28, 2019 by Terry Ohara

The only thing required by you, once you decide to get a shower filter is the maintenance and keeping an eye to the filter itself. Sometimes this includes changing a filter, or if your shower filter does not perform anywhere near like it was before, this is the first sign that something is wrong.

Before I explain to you how often you should replace your shower filter, let’s begin by revealing the signs which indicate that the time for replacement has come!

Odor & Taste

If you recognize an odor in the water, or if it has an awkward time, remove your shower filter right away, because this is maybe the first sign that something is not wrong.


These three things will also indicate to you that you have to replace your shower filter, and usually, regardless if you’ve cleaned the shower filter properly or not, these three things will stick and you will unlikely make a throughout cleaning.

6 Months

In general most of the shower filters that have been working for 6 months will require a change because after 6 months, they will unlikely offer you the safety and the efficacy like you’d expect.

Since now you know the indicators, let me introduce a bit more regarding the time when you should clean your shower filter.

It is important to note that your next purchase will be a quality shower filter, and since we are living in the modern era, a simple query like best shower filters can help your life tremendously.

Moreover, most of the manufacturers will recommend you replace your shower filter every six months, due to the fact that by doing this, you will prevent a build-up of biofilm clusters, which is a bacteria that is known for causing health issues.

I would also like to mention that a typical shower filter can handle 10,000 -12,000 gallons of water and after the threshold is passed, shower filters will not be effective anymore, just like the batteries.

Now, what happens if you keep using the shower filter after 6 months?

Well, your water will not be purified, you will deal with the loss of water pressure, and the worst part – the steam produced will be filled with impurities and to simplify this even more, you will deal with dry skin, and your showers will unlikely be pleasant like they have been before!

For instance, even if you never dealt with dry skin, you will start to deal with, and if you have already had trouble with dry skin, you already know that this isn’t an easy thing.

That’s why, I would recommend you to pay attention to the time frame, and always, but always ensure that once 10,000 – 15,000 gallons of waters have passed/6 months, and if by any chance, you see the aforementioned indicators before this time frame, you will head to online/physical store and change your filters!

In conclusion, I strongly believe that you will stick to these tips and after all, I hope that you’ve found this article entertaining because I’ve given my best to help you know the indicators and the time required for changing your shower filter. Lastly, stay healthy!

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