How To Change A Faucet Water Filter

Last Updated on November 29, 2019 by Terry Ohara

Every product has its own, specific life expectancy, and faucet water filters aren’t different at all. Once their job is done, owners of such products have to start considering replacing them because if they don’t, the water filter becomes unusable, hence, your water will not be as clean as it was before.

That’s why, in this article I will give you some tips of which you can take advantage and use them in practice, and honestly, the job isn’t complex at all!

In order to know how to change a faucet water filter, firstly, you have to own one, right? On the Internet, there is a wide variety of such filters, and the benefit of living in the modern ages is that you can order them from physical and online stores!

However, keep note that nearly all of them have a caption that says best faucet water filters, but still, this is nothing to be surprised since you can easily read some reviews and find out whether that specific faucet water filter is worthy of considering.

Let’s get to the point now and let’s assume that you’ve brought your decision.

Depending on the type of the filter and its quality, some models require to be replaced after 2 months or if they filtered around 40 gallons, there are some which should be changed after 6 months/120 gallons. Just read carefully what the manufacturer has to say, and follow the rules.

Moreover, there are 4 simple things to be done in order to change your faucet water filter.

Namely, the first step would be to press the filter cartridge release button which is usually set at the back of the filter cup, and once this is ensured, just pull the cartridge up in order to remove it.

The next step is to align the insert groove usually on the lower part of the cartridge and ensure that this is done with the filter replacement indicator which is set at the front of the filter cup.

Done? Let’s move on. After that, insert the filter cartridge into the filter cup until you hear a smooth “click” noise, and then, turn on the faucet so that it can flush with the new filter and leave it be for at least 5 minutes. 5 minutes is ideal for effective removal of any carbon dust, and finally, activate the filter.

Just please note that some faucet water filters may require different way of replacement, that’s why, as I’ve stated previously, I would recommend you to follow the steps given in the user manual, since manufacturers know more regarding their products than us. So, we have to follow those steps and have the most effective replacement.

After all, I think that you already know that it doesn’t have to be a professional in order to change a faucet water filter, and at the same time, I hope that you’ve found this article informative. Therefore, depending on the faucet water filter itself, the process of replacement may vary, but still, you shouldn’t worry at all since most of the user-manuals are exceptionally easy to follow which makes everything be very simple! See you in the next article!

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