How To Wash A Bath Rug

Last Updated on December 2, 2019 by Terry Ohara

Maintenance is crucial, and maybe the most important part of every segment, since the proper maintenance can drastically expand the life expectancy of all products, regardless if it is a bath rug or not.

You’ve likely heard people complaining regarding a sudden decrease of a certain product, well, this has been building up for a fairly long period of time before they’ve detected malfunctions. That’s why, it is advisable that you get a quality bath rug that can withstand daily use. This can be achieved immediately, just type best bath rugs and you’re done!

Once again, bathroom rugs are the same! If you don’t clean them or if you don’t know some cleaning tips, you will have to purchase another one, and then another one, it is basically a circle.

That’s why, I have prepared some tips for you of which you can take advantage and learn how often, and how, in general, you can clean your rugs and make them look like it is the first time you’re using them.

The basics

How often should you wash your bathroom rugs?

First of all, the frequency will solely depend on your household. If your family consists of more people, by default, this means that the bathroom rug will be used more often, and therefore, you should clean it more often, at least once per week. On the other hand, if you are living with your partner, and since there will be two people, you can clean it every two to three weeks.


Keep in mind that you are not obliged to use any specific cleaning product to wash your bathroom rugs properly. In fact, I’d suggest you give it a good shake before everything, since the dust, dirt, and hair may be released properly, so that the overall cleaning results would be better.

How to wash bathroom rugs

Depending on the type of the rug itself, the cleaning process will not be the same.

For instance, plastic/rubber rugs can be cleaned inside your wash machine, however, prior to storing them, I’d advise you to look if they are cracked or have some peeling because those little pieces may clog and make damage to your machine. When you’re done, you can dry them or simply hang them outside to dry.

Moving on, microfiber and chenille rug mats should be cleaned with laundry detergent but keep in mind that you should not put a lot, and also, these materials should be cleaned on cold setting.

Finally, you should always rely on the instruction given by the manufacturer, since most of the bath rugs are sold along with tips on how to clean them. Therefore, before doing anything, I would recommend you read the instruction and apply them in practice.

Also, the general rule is that if you store them outside to dry, you should leave them until they’re completely dry, however, if you prefer the air-drying method, then the maximum time should be 20 minutes to avoid wrinkles.

Overall, I hope that you’ve found these informations useful and that I’ve helped you to get the best cleaning results with your carpets, if you still have questions, I will be there for you, so do not hesitate to contact me!

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