Plastic VS Metal Shower Caddies

Last Updated on December 2, 2019 by Terry Ohara

The build quality is very important, regardless if we are talking about shower caddies, or about anything else. Some materials are better than others, and by default, this will play a huge role in the life expectancy of that specific product.

Metal and plastic are being widely used, and there isn’t a product that we don’t own which isn’t fully made of at least one of these materials, or partially.

However, we are all aware of the risks brought by specific materials, but in general, even though plastic is widely used, still, it causes harm to the planet and people.

Most of my readers have asked me to bring my personal opinion regarding this topic – Plastic vs Metal shower caddies, what are the benefits, what’s the life expectancy etc. As expected, I’ve agreed, so let’s find out which shower caddies you would prioritize, the plastic ones, or the ones made of metal?

First of all, plastic shower caddies are very affordable, but if you’re aware that plastic is one of the biggest pollutants in this planet, you may not pay the price for owning one with a huge amount of money, but surely will with the tendency to use plastic.

If we take this aside, plastic caddies tend to break easily, and may not offer you the best stability since if you put more bathroom accessories, your caddy may fall, break and make you a mess.

Finally, the life expectancy isn’t very long as well, exactly because of the situations I’ve recently mentioned.

On the contrary to plastic shower caddies, the ones crafted with metal are way more quality. Depending on the shower caddy itself, you can find one which is rust-proof, so, by default, this means that they will remain quality for a longer period of time.

Also, metal shower caddies will offer your bathroom accessories a higher level of stability, since metal may handle more weight than plastic. At the same time, metal may melt, whereas, plastic will take years to be removed from our planet.

Last but not least, even though this isn’t some kind of “shower caddy buying guide”, still, I’ve brought more arguments so that you can prioritize specific caddies over others.

Finally, there are hundreds of shower caddies available on the market, and it isn’t difficult at all to get your desired one, since most of them are affordable, and at the same time, they come in a variety of sizes. However, I’d suggest you to favor those who are made of metal, and even though you may likely pay a bit more, the price isn’t problematic and all, so do not hesitate to give metal shower caddies a try!

To conclude, If you found this article informative, and if somehow I’ve helped you to bring your ultimate decision, feel free to notify me regarding your experience and whether the choice you’ve made has proven as right!

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