Running Two Shower Heads On A Single Valve

Last Updated on November 28, 2019 by Terry Ohara

There are many types of shower heads, and multiple methods to install. People aren’t the same as well, some are keen on investing in dual shower heads, some simply seek for two shower heads because they are more suitable to their demands.

Recently, I’ve been asked regarding the topic’s name – is it possible to run two shower heads on a single valve?

Since I want my audience to be informed as much as possible, regarding numerous things which are somehow connected with their homes, I’ve decided to bring my explanation and reveal whether this is possible or not. So, let’s get started right away!

To begin with, you have to know the difference between dual shower heads and having a second shower head. Technically speaking, a second shower head is usually an overhead, rainfall model which can be completely separated from your in-wall; head. To be more precise, you will have to make a new water line.

On the contrary, dual shower heads will likely have two shower heads in one. The benefits are numerous, and one of them is exactly the installation process. It is basically the same as you would install a single shower head.

Now, instead of answering right away with yes or no, I would like to let you learn the way of installing two shower heads, since now you know the difference between dual and two shower heads.

For your information, if you opt to have two shower heads running on the same valve, this may have its pros and cons, because a single valve will try to maintain the presseure as even as possible through both shower heads and this may lead to a loss of pressure. However, if you have a thermostatic valve whose purpose is to separate volume control for each shower head, you will likely increase volume and pressure to each shower head.

Moving on, the process of installing isn’t exhausting, to be honest, and you won’t likely need to hire a plumber to do the job for you. Instead, you will require a shower wand holder set onto your shower wall because by having this, the shower wand will have a docking place and may not disrupt the rainfall shower of your choice.

Long story short, yes, you can manage to run two shower heads on a single valve, but honestly, dual shower heads are way more efficient and better choice since they come as a single unit, and you won’t be obliged to purchase two shower heads.

To conclude, if you think that installing two shower heads on a single valve is difficult and kind of complex, I would recommend you consider having dual shower heads, because they are available in numerous types and prices. All you have to do would be to type best dual shower heads and within seconds, you will have an opportunity to look numerous shower heads, so feel free to choose the one that suits your preferences the most!

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