Should You Use A Shower Water Filter?

Last Updated on December 27, 2019 by Terry Ohara

Most of us have already jumped the ship, and are now drinking filtered water. But what about the water we shower, should we filter our showering water? Showering with unfiltered water, most of the times are just as bad as drinking unfiltered water. It is a matter of fact that public water supplies are treated with chlorine and an array of other chemicals which may cause a lot of problems, both health and hygienic. Let’s take a look at some reasons as to why you should opt for a shower head filter.

1. Smell

We all know that showers have a slight smell to them, due to the water traveling from the public water source, through pipes to your house, and all the bacteria and residue travels with it, which causes an unpleasant smell. The hot water vaporizes most chemicals that are found in the water and pipes, and the smell and toxins will spread throughout your house in no time. Even if you are not a health guru, you should consider installing a shower head filter just to eliminate the smell.

2. Chlorine Absorption

Chlorine is essential for treating public water supplies because it is great at eliminating pathogens that may cause large health problems. However, the chlorine is absorbed by your skin while showering, and the amount may be higher than drinking chlorine-treated water in some instances. This is mostly because most of the users shower with warmer water, which opens up the pores in the skin to make absorption easier, and due to the chlorines, molecular weight allows it to easily get into your blood system. This is serious because when it interacts with blood it releases by-products like trihalomethanes, it is also proven to increase the lifetime risk of cancer. A lot of research has been made regarding the issue of chlorine absorption through the skin and inhalation, and it is known that chlorine exposure can cause physical fatigue, mood swings and mental depression in extreme cases, opting for showering in filtered water will raise your mood instantly.

3. Skin and Hair Health

Our bodies contain a large number of microbiomes, that is very essential to our healths, and unfiltered water is known for killing most of the skin and hair biome. This can lead to a lot of issues which you won’t notice that came from your water, such as dry skin, eczema, irritation and so much more. Showering in filtered water stops the chlorine from eliminating the biomes and other essential oils in your skin, and in just a few weeks you will notice that your skin will feel softer. On top of that showering in filtered water will significantly increase your hair health, by eliminating dandruff, flaky scalp, and frizzy hair, by decreasing the moisture loss from chlorine and other water treatment chemicals.


I hope that I have provided you some good reasons why you should make the switch, and if you are concerned about the costs, don’t worry as most shower filters are very affordable. Prevention is always better than curing and healing.

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