Types Of Kitchen Faucets

Last Updated on November 30, 2019 by Terry Ohara

When it comes to finding household essentials people often get confused because we don’t really put much interest in such things, we’d rather let our home designer or plumber deal with it.

Even though many of you think that a faucet it’s just a fixture, but it’s not really that simple, it’s one of the most hardworking units within your kitchen space.

The best kitchen faucets come in five popular types which you can choose from, and in this article, we’re mentioning all of them.

The first type that we’re going to mention is the pull-down faucet. We started with this one since it’s also the most popular type of kitchen faucets nowadays, and what makes it stand out form the most in the market is the goose-neck spout, which is naked around by the head of the hose as an extension.

The second type that we’re going to mention is the pull-out faucet. At first glance, these types of kitchen faucets look really futuristic, and they are true because they can be stretched for better rinsing and cleaning. People really seem to love the detachable handle that can actually be pulled out. Apart from that, it also allows you to remove the spout head and drag it to as many places as you like.

Next, we have the Single-Handle faucet. So, I don’t really think I need to do a proper introduction about this type of faucet since it is the most common faucet type you can find out there. You can identify this type of faucet in the market under many configurations, such as ball, ceramic disk or cartridge. It has a singular level that can be switched side-to-side or up-and-down, while in terms of water temperature you are relieved of choices.

Checking up the next type of kitchen faucets, we have the Double-Handle faucet.

The double-handle faucet just as the name suggests lets you separate connections and regulations for hot and cold water stream, and it’s pretty similar to the single-handle faucets, while these are available both as compression washers and cartridge faucets.

And finally, the last type of kitchen faucets that we’re going to mention is the Hands-Free / motion-detect faucets. Just as the name states, these types of faucets are the most leading-edge innovation and you don’t have to do anything to make the faucet operate, you just put your hands under the faucet for cleaning and the faucet starts pouring out water. This is all possible due to the sensor technology which is inside the main tap’s body to identify movements, pretty interesting right?

All and all, if you were to choose between these types of faucets, I would highly recommend you go for the double-handle faucets or single-handle faucets, while if you want something more futuristic, you should definitely go for the hands-free type of faucets.

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