What Is A Low-Flow Shower Head?

Last Updated on November 28, 2019 by Terry Ohara

If you are starting to become conscious about our planet and want to find out different ways as to how you can help it, you have probably considered cutting down the water consumption in your home, since it is one of the easiest and significant ways to help the earth. However, there are different ways to save water in the bathroom, and one of the most obvious ways is to cut down the showering time, which is very smart and effective. If you have already done that and want to take it to another level you should invest in a low-flow showerhead, that will cut your water consumption in the shower by at least 40 percent.

What is a low-flow showerhead exactly? It is really simple like its name implies a low-flow showerhead, which is a showerhead that has a low flow rate of water per minute. In other words, it is a showerhead that consumes less water. Let’s try to explain it further. in the US with the recent law changes you can only buy showerheads that have a flow rating of about 2.5 gallons per minute or GPM, which is pretty good compared to ancient showerheads using about 5 or even 6 gallons of water per minute, however, to advance things further there are low-flow showerheads which have a water flow rate of less than 2.5gpm, most commonly at 1.5 or 1.6gpm which cuts the water consumption and reduces the showering bills by at least 40 percent. However, there are showerheads that even go as low as 0.5 GPM, which are called ultra low flow showerheads, which cut water consumption by 80 percent, but even with the 1.5 GPM showerheads the savings will be immense over time, both in water consumption and gas consumption since 95 percent of Americans shower with hot water.

However, you should also be careful while shopping for a showerhead, as there are different types of it. For example, there are two major types of showerheads you can choose from, and they differ in their manner of performing and correspond to different people. Let’s start with the most popular option, low-flow showerheads with aerating. These showerheads, work by aerating, or adding air to the water and mixing them to deliver a form of a misty spray which is satisfying but takes a little bit of the temperature of the water. On the other hand, there are laminar-flow low-flow showerheads, which uses individual streams of water, and it is better for those living in hotter more humid climates since they don’t create as much steam and moisture as aerating showerheads.

This is one of the best decisions you make, and if you are a larger household even better since savings will be even bigger, and you will definitely notice a difference in your bill, and you can even check out some online calculators that will help you calculate how much you will save annually.

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