What To Look For In A Baby Bathtub

Last Updated on November 30, 2019 by Terry Ohara

Regardless if you are a fairly new parent, or parent with experience, all of you know that babies are known to be cute and messy at the same time, hence, having a bathtub is simply unavoidable!

However, there are a few things you should know prior to purchasing due to the fact that the process of choosing the right baby bathtub isn’t easy at all. So, the more you know the higher are the chances that your baby will feel comfortable when you’re bathing it.

Ready? Let’s get started right away!

For your information, there are multiple types of bathtubs such as:

Standard – as the name suggests, they are the most common type of bathtubs. These bathtubs are an inexpensive and reliable option, since most of them have ergonomic design so that your infants can sit in a slightly upright position!

Convertible – these bathtubs are specifically designed to “grow” with your baby, because they are highly adjustable and they can be used during the newborn, infant and toddler stages.

Foldable – if you want to save a lot of space in your household, then the foldable bathtubs will be the perfect choice for you and your baby. Why? Because they can collapse and can be stored virtually anywhere in your house, just try to ensure that the bathtub is sturdy so it won’t leak.

Luxury – luxury bathtubs are meant to offer your babies a real spa feeling, and most of them employ bells, whistles along with motorized water jets which will provide your babies calming vibrations.

Standing – these bathtubs are very useful since they will heavily support your baby on one side, while on the other, they can be elevated to your height by using sturdy frames, so that the way you bathe your baby will not be hard at all.

Moreover, since now you know the types, it is solely up to you which type deserves an actual purchase, either way, you can easily find since there are numerous results on Google which will appear instantly if you type best baby bathtubs.

Now, what else you should look in a baby bathtub?

Non-Skid Surface – I’d suggest you prioritize those bathtubs that have non-skid surface because your child will remain in place even if it is soaked up, which basically means that you will always have a greater control over the bathing sessions.

Ergonomic Design & Padded Lining – one of the most important things to keep an eye on is exactly this. Your baby has to feel comfortable since nobody wants to deal with an angry baby as you’re giving him/her a bath!

Handle for easy storage – This is up to you, if possible, you can opt to get those models who have a very useful feature – a handle or hook, which can be found on the back, because you can conveniently hang the bathtub for storage or draining.

Overall, did you find these information useful? If yes, do not hesitate to use them in practice since I’ve done a lot of research to help you gain as much knowledge as possible before you make an actual purchase. Therefore, if you have any questions or if you want to share your experience with me regarding this topic, please contact me because I would like to hear everything from you!

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