What To Look For In A Bath Rug

Last Updated on December 2, 2019 by Terry Ohara

Bath rugs are important accessories in our bathrooms, because they can absorb water after you’re done showering or bathing. Also, they can significantly enrich the appearance of your bathroom and make it look indeed cozy, and since bathroom should always be an environment in which you can relax, bath rugs can absolutely contribute a lot to these things.

At a glance, people often just go and take a bath rug, and most of the times, they regret it later since the bath rug they got isn’t quality at all and hence, they have to buy another one within a very short period of time, which results in more money.

That’s why, in this article, I will briefly explain to you the things on which you should pay attention before you make an actual purchase, so that you can choose the perfect bathroom rug that will never disappoint you.

First and foremost, you should note that not all bath rugs are made of the same material, some of them may be more durable and may absorb more water, others are not. Hence, you should always put the accent on the material.

For example, cotton rugs are one of the most common types of rugs and they are very popular because of their ability to dry quickly and absorb water.

Egyptian cotton rugs are way better because they feel soft to the touch and can absorb water even more.

Secondly, what’s the ideal size for your shower? For your information, those rugs that measure17″x24″ are more than suitable to be set in front of shower stalls or pedestal sinks, whereas, the 21″x34″ can fit outside the tubs.

The next step is to determine the color of your choice. Since there is a vast variety of different colors, you can easily choose the one that suits your bathroom decor. I’d advise you to get lighter ones because they can “open” your bathroom space and are indeed visually pleasing.

Moreover, one of the things you should pay attention the most is the safety features, because a quality bath rug should not slip off and have you hooked in undesirable moments. Additionally, I would suggest you to prioritize those bath rugs that are made from organic materials and to have some anti-bacterial layers because nobody wants a slippery, unsafe bath rug that can cause you some undesirable situations.

In fact, simply type best bath rugs on Google, and instantly you will be given hundreds of different bath rugs and one of them will surely be exactly as you’d like it to be.

Finally, the durability. Considering the fact that you will step on your bath rug frequently which at the same time means that your bath rug will have to absorb water, it is crucial to find a bath rug that can withstand daily use and last for a longer period of time.

To conclude, these were some of the most important aspects that you should note prior to making a purchase, and if you still have some doubts, feel free to contact me, because I always want my audience to be informed about everything.

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