What To Look For In A Radio For Shower?

Last Updated on March 18, 2020 by Terry Ohara

Like is the case with any kind of product, radio showers are available in different sizes, have a different price tag, and some of them may be better than others when you view from the aspect of the features they have.

In this article, I will give you some tips that you will find helpful so that you can choose a quality radio shower that will keep you entertained in the long term.


First things first. You should note that there are 4 types of shower radios such as:

Analog – Analog shower radios are the most common type, and numerous users are using them mainly because of the fact that they are simple and easy to use, since you can manually adjust them and select the channels you favor.

Digital – These shower radios do not require you to adjust the channels manually, because they will search for channels automatically, and on the contrary to analog ones, they are also easy to use since they consist of multiple programmable buttons.

Bluetooth – If you’re looking for modern shower radios, then these radios depict the word “modern”. The reason is simple, since they can directly pair with your tablet, iPods, smartphones, etc, and you can easily stream music from different devices.

Portable – They are also known as “travel” shower radios, and in general, they are seen as the simplest of four models because they have a compact body that makes them excellent companions to be brought with you anywhere you go.


Since now you know the types, the second part you should pay a lot of attention is the sound quality. Why would you require a radio if that unit is incapable of delivering quality audio? However, keep in mind that even if the sound quality is superb and matches your taste, you should also have an idea that the sound may not be the same once you store the shower radio in your bathroom, because water will interfere with the audio. Therefore, I’d recommend you get a radio for shower that can produce quality audio during your shower sessions.


The next step is to already have a clue regarding the features that your shower radio should have prior to making a purchase. For your information, there are shower radios that include AM and FM stations, weather forecast capabilities, Bluetooth, timer, flashlight,etc.

So, I would recommend you prioritize those shower radios that employ more features, because they will not be better, but in a return, they will bring you numerous benefits that will surely please you.

Lastly, since Google knows everything, by typing best shower radios you will be given a plethora of shower radios, and one of them will surely match your desires!


Finally, not every shower radio shares the same price tag. Depending on the features and type, the price will vary as well. Personally, I am always ready to pay more in order to get the product I desire, because price is basically an indicator regarding the quality of the shower radio, and most of the time those that cost more have multiple features than the cheap ones.

Overall, these were the most important tips that you should pay attention to, and if by any chance, they’ve helped you get a shower radio, do not hesitate to contact me and share your experience with me!

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