What To Look For In A Soaking Bathtub

Last Updated on November 28, 2019 by Terry Ohara

Soaking tubs date bate decades ago, they are pretty popular and they have a great reputation with providing users relaxation and comfort, while different from a regular bathtub, these kinds of tubs hold deeper water.

So, first let’s start by pointing out the fact that soaking tubs normally don’t come with jets, although nowadays some newer models do. For more convenience, premium ones come with chromatherapy, which is basically the process of using plenty of colors for added relaxation and satisfaction.

The best soaking bathtubs are of the claw-footed variety, while some rest directly on a floor, so these are the two differences you may notice when it comes to the design.

It may come as a surprise to you, but soaking tubs come in different types such as garden tubs, those are more commonly set in a sunroom with a garden view, roman tubs are the ones that are fitted onto a deck, whereas you have to lower yourself into it, and above all, Japanese tubs, which are basically the deepest that you can find on the market today, and they are also the most ancient ones.

There are plenty of benefits that come along with a soaking tub, they relieve stress from your body easily and quickly, while it can also be quite soothing and romantic when couples soak together in some of the larger soak tubs.

Now, for the most important part, soaking tubs can vary greatly in price, ranging from 1k and above. So there are a couple of things you need to consider before purchasing a soaking tub, first and foremost, size is of the utmost importance because you have to know if the tub fits in your bathroom, and more commonly, these kinds of tubs are set in luxurious and spacious bathrooms.

So, before buying one, make sure you consult with your bathroom designer so you know if the one that you are buying fits, because even if the place is spacious, you have to know how the piping system will be installed, depending on what type of soaking tub you choose.

One of the most famous brands for soaking tubs is American Standard, their extensive line of quality bathtubs features deeper tubs, safer surfaces, and a great selection of styles in varying sizes which basically allows you to customize the look of your bathroom.

Other than that, American Standard’s tubs are quite durable as well, since they are made of different materials including the patented Americast enameled steel, Gelcoat, and acrylic constructions.

All and all, if you take all the things that we mentioned into consideration, I don’t think you’ll encounter any problem while buying your soaking tub. If you’re still confused, don’t be, if you have the money and space in your bathroom, then you should definitely go for a soaking tub.

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