When To Stop Using A Baby Bathtub

Last Updated on November 30, 2019 by Terry Ohara

Everything in this world has a life expectancy, and baby bathtubs aren’t different at all, in fact, we have to pay more attention to them so that our babies can be protected by numerous threats, including infections.

Parents are always worried regarding the health of their little loved ones, and are always there to offer them protection. One of the most asked questions regarding baby bathtubs is exactly this – When should people stop using a baby bathtub, and therefore, I’ve prepared some tips to help you recognize the indicators and to know when it is the right time to do that. So, let’s get quickly into action!

First things first. Size and age. Since babies tend to grow sometimes faster than the expected, keeping an eye on their development may be crucial, since if they’ve outgrown the bathtub, of course, this is the biggest indicator that should tell you that the time for replacement has come.

Usually, babies are ready for bathtubs ( the regular ones) at around 6 months, because usually, most of the babies are capable of sitting up and are able to support themselves on their own.

Moreover, if you see physical decrease of the bathtub itself, like the padding isn’t the same as it was, or if you see that the surface is kind of rough which makes your baby cry or the discomfort levels can be seen by you, then you should replace that bathtub immediately. The sooner the better since babies’ skin tends to get irritated easily.

Also, prioritizing quality and more expensive bathtubs manufactured by popular brands will result in long-lasting bathtubs, however, even though nearly all bathtubs are advertised with best bathtubs for babies, all of them share one thing in common, and that’s long-expectancy!

Moving on, if you suddenly recognize that your baby bathtub has an awkward smell and the water changes in a strange manner, this may be one of the most common indicators, even though you may not see a physical deformity. Most of the cheap, plastic bathtubs tend to suffer from this, since if you didn’t get it from reputable brands, you may not have a clue of the quality of the material and whether it can cause harm or not.

Last but not least, the long expectancy may somehow be prolonged if your cleaning the bathtub frequently ( and yes, I know that you do it), by using hot water, if possible, do not heavily rely on cleaners that employ huge concentration of chemicals since they will cause more harm than good. The reason is pretty simple, they can affect the build quality of the product, and the leftovers may affect your baby as well.

Overall, these were the most common indicators that should suggest you when you should stop using a baby bathtub, and if you’ve witnessed some of them before a couple of days, and even minutes, you already know that the time for replacement has come!

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