Why You Should Buy A Rain Shower Head

Last Updated on November 27, 2019 by Terry Ohara

You know how people differ from one another with their tastes, some people prefer coffee over tea, some people prefer chocolate over vanilla and vice-versa, well, that’s the case with showerheads, and no matter what option you choose, you’re not going wrong with it, you just like it differently.

But of course, it’s wise to choose something that matches your bathroom fixtures and style, that’s if you want to impress others and to satisfy yourself, nonetheless, showerheads also have their differences in features, some have small nozzles for more a more powerful stream, while some other types are rain shower heads such as the one which we are currently reviewing, they provide a more voluminous, rain-like experience.

So, for those that prefer these kinds of preferences, a rain shower head would be their ideal addition to their bathroom.

Now, to point out some interesting facts about the best rain shower heads, let’s first mention that their rain-alike experience has been enhanced even more lately due to the new airstream technology.

Therefore, this technology is very unique, what it does is that it draws in the air while afterward it is mixed with every droplet of water, so as a result, you’ll get an increased volume of water, while it mimics the exact and similar refreshing feeling of rain.

In addition, these voluminous drops of water will also provide you with an efficient cleanse that is really gentle, so in other terms, you’ll enjoy the best of both terms.

For your information, most of the time rain shower heads are installed with handheld showerheads, but I don’t really recommend it, and if you’re after an eco-friendly system, then you won’t like it as well because that increases water flow consumption.

To be honest, you won’t really need an extra handheld showerhead, a rain shower head is able to produce more water alone since linear drains are used increasingly.

I really like the linear drain in showerheads because it not only adds a flair of elegance to your bathroom, but it also allows you to benefit from it in terms of functionality.

Although there may be some downsides for some bathrooms, before buying a rain shower head, first make sure you talk to your personal plumber because you may need to increase the size of the pipe from the source. And if you happen to have any problems with installment, it’ll maybe come as a surprise but you’ll have to do so much work for installing because upgrading you half-inch pipe that feeds the shower is no small undertaking.

To conclude, if you want to enhance the beauty of your bathroom as well as add some extra functionality to your shower experience, a rain shower head would be a great choice. However, you’ll also have to consider your budget, because they’re not as cheap as you may think.

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